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I would just like to point out to everyone that Beider can be (and has
been) wrong and other experts can be wrong as well. The papers are always
filled with experts disagreeing. If the misinterpretation or
mispronunciation of a name or word among a group of people has enough
acceptance, it becomes an accepted part of the language. That, as I
understand it, is one of the reasons we end up with dialects. Unlettered
folks rely on what they hear (which is what resulted in me arguing with my
Yiddish professor because I felt her pronunciations were wrong after
hearing my parents saying it another way all my life--but they learned it
from listening to my grandparents). Usage is a strong force (read
Safire). I don't think anything can be ignored because it is not in total
agreement with the experts. Allow for all possibilities---always worked
for me.

Anita Citron
Searching: NADWORNY anywhere.

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