Re: Brass mortar and pestle - "stacel" or "stasel" ? #general

Sally M. Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

A genner wrote:

'>from a health perspective, one of the ingredients in brass is lead. Lead
poisoning is very dangerous and I wonder if our ancestors suffered >from use
of the brass mortar and pestle for cooking and pharmaceutical purposes.'

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc (according to Encarta Encyclopedia).
Pewter was often made with lead - but tableware, at least today, has tin
instead of lead.

It turns out that crystal is the worst common source of lead in food
products. If you keep wine in a lead crystal decanter, throw it out!

Copper is also poisonous. My family were coppersmiths, and I have a copper
tea set that my gr grandfather made. The teapot was lined with another
metal (tin as I remember, but I could be wrong-but a white metal). It is
not usable today unless I had it relined.

Sally Bruckheimer
Chatham, NJ

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