Khanan VARADI - Submitted Yad Vashem Page of Testimony for WAJDENBOJM #general

David R. Brill

In the Vad Vashem database, I found that Khanan VARADI (or VAREDI, VARDI,
etc.) submitted a page of testimony for his cousin, Rachel Leja WAJDENBOJM
(WEIDENBAUM) >from Siemiatycze, Poland. Her married name was REJDMAN. This
page was submitted in 1955. I am interested in hearing >from anyone in Israel
who might know how to contact Khanan VARADI or any of his relatives. At the
time, the address was located on Bilo St., Tel Aviv. I can be contacted
privately at brilldr@....

David R. Brill
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Researching WEIDENBAUM in Siemiatycze, Poland

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