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Hello jewishgen my name is donald shapp and i am trying to submit and post
this request to find birth and marriage information >from Germany. I have
John Henry NIEMANN born 1845 and Henriette FISCHER born 1846 and Ernst
August Niemann born November 13, 1869. It is for these family members that
I am searching for the information. The microfilm was ordered in New York
but, they were never scanned for the information sought. Any
help to resolve this information is gladly accepted since it has been
sought for a few months now. Thank you, Donald Shapp danshapp@...

My family is >from Germany. They immigrated in 1870-1871. Very possibly it
was August 2 or 12, 1871. I received a document >from Germany saying they
came on the L.L. Holsalia Ship via Hamburg. Now they are suppose to have
been born in Magdeburg, Germany. John Henry Niemann was born in Magdeburg,
December 13, 1845 or 1846. His wife Henriette Fischer was born in Magdeburg,
June or July 4, 1846 or 1847. A son Ernst August Niemann was born November 13,
1869 or 1870 in Magdeburg, Germany. They stated they were >from Mecklenburg but
may have only lived there temporarily before coming and settling in Ebenezer, NY.
I am trying to find their birth and marriage information >from Germany. Her
father's name was John Fischer also >from Germany possibly >from Magdeburg.
There were films available >from Magdeburg, Germany that list the German
Jews in the 1800's that I ordered in NY. Unfortuanately, a friend has
failed to read these for me at the Family History Center there in Orchard
Park. So they are there and I am here and they are just sitting there. They
were ordered >from Utah. I want to know the information concerning John
Henry Niemann and Henriette Fischer >from Gemany. Also, possibly the father
John Fischer. A want the ketubah or birth certificate. Anything you can
find would be good.
Thankyou, danshapp@...

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