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Harold Greenberg <harold.greenberg@...>

My wife, Suri, researched some of the Jewish neighbourhoods in Toronto in the
1901 census. She tells me that Jews first settled in the east end in Ward 1,
and then moved westward to Ward 4. Her research covers part of Ward 4.
Shown below are film numbers (starting with "T") and important streets-

T6497 Chestnut St.

T6499 Cecil

Subject: Canadian archives -KENDALL/KINDEL
From: Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 10:03:10 -0500
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Access to the Canadian archives seems to be up again. Does anyone
know how I can access personal information for someone who may have
been living in Toronto in 1901 if I have no idea of his address? The
1901 census that is available is by geographical location only, and I
don't think I can find him without searching each page of the Toronto

If there is anyone with access to old city directories for Toronto, I
am looking for Ber[y]l KENDALL/KINDEL (or any variation of the last

researching - GREENBERG, SHAPIRO (kohanim), ROSENTHAL - Vaslui, Romania
WIDAWSKY, SZER - Klobuck, Czestochowa, Kielce, Poland
HYMAN - Myegina, Piotrkow, Poland
ISRAELOWITZ - Piotrkow, Poland

Harold Hershel Zvi Greenberg
P. O. Box 8263
Eilat, Israel

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