Ben Tzion STOLER - submitted Page of Testimony for ZAJCZYK/ZEICHIK #general

David R. Brill

I would like to hear >from anyone in Israel who might know how to contact Mr.
Ben Tzion STOLER or any of his relatives. In 1957, Ben Tzion STOLER
submitted pages of testimony for his grandfather, Yechiel ZAJCZYK (ZEICHIK)
and cousin (aunt?) Tona ZAJCZYK, >from Tuczyn, Poland (now Tuchin, Ukraine).
Any information about the ZEICHIK family >from Tuchin is appreciated. The
address given on the Page of Testimony looks like R'G (Ramat Gan?), Rabo(?)
St. I can be contacted privately at brilldr@....

Thank you,
David R. Brill
Cherry Hill, NJ USA
Researching in Tuchin: ZEICHIK, LIKHTER

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