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Dr.Josef ASH

Eliana, Shalom. I permit myself to send the reply to the Group as it may be
of common interest
As a Rabbi said: "You are right, and you are right either..."
The written in the Page of Testemony name is Mariya.
in the Dictionary of the Russian Proper Names I read:
derivatives: ... Manya...
and at the end of this article is written the source of the Russian name:
[hebrew name Miriam. Look Mariam.]
She was known as Manya in the family, in her Russian passport she was named
Mariya, but on her tombplate she is, sure, Miriam Freilikher!

Doesn't it explain everything?
Have a Happy Hanukka,
Dr. Josef Ash

I found the Page of Testimony of my grandmother's sister. Its
translation into English gives her mother's name as Maria, but
our family always said that it was Mania or Dvoira. I would like
to ask:
-1st: for those who can read Russian, to see VM 5163, address:
in order to determine what name did the submitter write in the
original Page of Testimony -- was it Maria or Mania?
-2nd: in the case of the above answer be Maria, would a jewish
woman, who lived approximately >from 1850 to 1910 in Ukraine
(Ekaterinoslav Gubernia), be named Maria?

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