Fw: Searching for Yad Vashem PoT submitter: Toby Rabinowitz #general

Melinda Korbman

Hello Jewishgenners,

I am trying to find a Yad Vahsem PoT submitter by the name of Toby
Rabinowitz. She submitted info on a Ryvka Lederman nee Green from
Niedrzwice, Poland in 1992. Ryvka was my Ggrandfather's sister. All the
other surnames she listed are either Zysberg or Lederman.

Toby listed her address being New City , NY. I am unable to locate that
listing so I am guessing she no longer resides there. Any help in locating
Toby Rabinowitz would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Melinda Korbman

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