REINHOLD/British Intelligence/Belgium #general


In the on-going search for my brother, Yechiel (Heine) REINHOLD, I came
across some information that introduces another piece of the puzzle about what
happened to him.
Apparently, in 1947, there was an attempt by an unknown group to kidnap
him off the streets of Brussels (or Antwerp). Shots may have been fired.
Fortunately, the police intervened and the kidnapping failed. When investigators
went to visit my brother in the hospital, he was no longer there and all
hospital files about this incident disappeared. I heard he was whisked away >from the
hospital overnight by British intelligence. That's all I know.
The actual kidnapping attempt was written up in a Belgium newspaper
that year (1947). But I do not know which Belgium paper covered it. I wonder if
anyone in Belgium can check the newspaper archives to locate this story? I
assume the article will be either in French or Flemish. (I do not believe there
is such a database of archived Belgium newspaper in the U.S. )
Thanks so much.

Eva Berlin
New Jersey, USA

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