Awiritcher Benevolent Society #belarus

Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

I would appreciate a member or a descendant of a
member of the above society to accurately locate the
origin of this landsmanshaft. Conjecture is not enough
and Where Once We Walked, my usual safety blanket,
does not provide an answer with this spelling. I have
conjectured Ovruch and Orruch in the Ukraine and
Uvarovichi or Avarevitch in Belarus as possibilities
but as I am cataloging this for YIVO I will not allow
a reasonable conjecture to stand. Only an answer from
a member or descendant of Awiritchever will do.

Jerome Seligsohn
SELIGSOHN and ELKIN of Mogilev/Belarus
NUSSBAUM of Mittelsinn

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