Re: Where is Ostrov, Pskov Province? #belarus

Beverley Davis

Stan Goodman has kindly provided one of his usual comprehensive
replies, to my request for info on the location of my grandfather's

In my original posting, I used the term "Ostrov, Pskov Province",
based on the wording in the copy of the original Russian (with
English translation) of the 1897 First All Russian census for this
family, sent to me recently by the Latvian State Historical Archive

Stan's conclusion " ... So there IS a town called Ostrov in the Pskov
*region*. (In Russian, it is called the Pskov Oblast)" means that I
now have a much clearer idea of the location of my grandfather's
birthplace. (And another helpful JewishGenner >from Israel took the
trouble to scan and email me a map which, though in Russian, is quite

A comment on Stan's statement re my mention of " ... my grandmother's
parents in Dvinsk (now Daugavpils Latvia)", where he wrote:
"Actually, it was always Daugavpils. "Dvinsk" has the sound of a
Russian alternate."

However, I would accept the information provided by the LSHA, as
follows: "....Dinaburg until 1893, Dvinsk >from 1893, >from 1919
Daugavpils ..."

With thanks,
Beverley Davis
Melbourne, Australia

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