Re: Help me find my family burial info! Mt. Hebron, Mt. Zion #general

Joan Parker <joanparker@...>

For information re the burials in Mt. Zion , contact Karen Grego.
KarenG@... She has been so cooperative, sending me free
copies of the Goldberg burial cards as well as photos of the grave stones
for a small fee. She might be able to give you a contact name at Mt. Hebron.

Happy New Year,

Joan Parker
Immediate Past President
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Miami, FL
Searching: GOLDBERG, GOODSTEIN, BERGER-Plock, Poland/Russia and Brooklyn, NY;
PINKUS, WINOGRAD, ROSEN-Brest, Litovsk; Grodno, Russia maybe Odessa, Ukraine, Bronx
and Brooklyn, NY;
GELFAND, YEHUDIS, KATZ-Minsk, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

I've been recenly told that my family is buried in Mr. Hebron and Mt. Zion
Cemetaries in Queens(?)/Long Island NY.

I've been searching for a database of those buried in these cemetaries. I
figure that maintaining a database is the least the cemetary can do, yet
I have been unable to find one.

I can't even find email address contacts for people maintaining these two

I'd appreciate any help possible. I live in London England now and so it is
quite difficult for me to make a visit. I did notice that some kind of
cemetary photos listserve exists but I'm not sure if it is free, how to join
etc. Thanks for any info.

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