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Marilyn -

I don't think you will find the parents' names on
the declaration of intent. The few I have just include
the person's name, when he arrived, and where he
came >from [Russia, Poland - kind of vague LOL]

Several sources for his parents' names would be:

death certificate
marriage certificate
social security application

Did he have brothers and sisters? You might
find the information you need on the documents
of the siblings.

There are passenger records for Baltimore -
maybe he came over with other family members -
take a look here


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Does the declaration of intention include the petitioners parents names?
I am trying to locate Shimon Rosenthal who came in to the US through
Baltimore. In 1913 he lived in Pittsburgh. I am trying to find out who his
parents were. Any help will be appreciated. Perhaps I should be searching
Baltimore since I'm not having in luck in Pittsburgh. Thanks in advance for
ideas. Marilyn Feingold USA

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