Fw: Title RAV in EretzYisrael (Palestine) during the early 20th cent. #general

ben-ari <yrcdi@...>

Presuming that many of the members of this list are Israeli I'd like to
examine the following:

My grandfather was born in the old city of Jerusalem (1895) and studied in
Yeshivat Etz Chaim (in Jerusalem) for several (many?) years. He was
"usually" known as "Rabbi" Chaim Yitzchak ABRAMAMOWITZ.
Among my mother's siblings there is a difference of opinion if my
grandfather was a "Rabbi"-deheinu if recieved an actual "smicha" >from an
institution or >from a specific Rav.

Am I correct to assume that in Yerushalayim of the early 20th cent. there
was no "institution" which granted or prepared for smicha as we know it
today? Are their any existing records of Talmidei Yeshivat Etz Chaim from
that period?

He was, a shochet and menaker in various towns (Hadera, and other places in
the Sharon), and was the "Kli Kodesh" of the first jewish settlement of
Be'er Sheva in 1920 -assigned there by the Jewish agency who sponsored the
jewish settlement.

Who would have issued such a certificate (of schochet/menaker) during the
second decade of the twentieth cent. in Israel? The Yeshiva (or Rabbi) with
whom he studied?

Thank You,

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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