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Dear All,
Following several requests on the different lists I would like to draw your
attention that Yad Vashem's searchable database offers an "advanced search"
option which enables to search through the names of the submitters of the
testimonies.It so happens that if a person filled several pages he wrote his
full address only on one of the testimonies and left the rest almost
blank(they did not think about the Internet back in the 1950..). Another
option the website offers is to see automatically the other pages the same
submitter filled.
Thanks for the tip about the address. I had noticed what looked like
missing address information, but it never occurred to me to check each of
the submissions for an address. Almost all the testimonies I've seen are
in Hebrew, and since I read not a single word, this process involves quite
a bit of guesswork for me.

In one case, I've been fortunate to find the surviving family of one of the
key submitters for my family members, who may be able to make valuable
additions to the very limited information I have about some of my ancestors.

I have also attempted to use the submitter information to try to understand
the bigger picture, discovering extended family groups linked together by
the same submitter. In general, the Yad Vashem search results are
astonishingly good, but I've discovered additional family members by
looking at the common submitter.



Henry Neugass
Palo Alto, CA USA

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