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Robert Hanscom enquired about other sources for the Jewish records of
Boskovice. Like him I have faced similar problems because the primary
records for the years 1849-1924 are missing ie Matrikeln/Registers for
Birth, Marriage and Death.

In our case we have built up several AUFRICHTIG family trees originating in
Boskovice but because of the missing registers have great difficulty in
linking them. My brother and I are convinced that one day we will be able to
link them together.

In the absence of the primary records we have relied on a number of
secondary sources and have tabulated these records on our family website created by my brother Ronny. We were however extremely
fortunate in having the services of a suberb researcher at a reasonable
cost. I wrote to him in English and he replied in German.

For any one interested in these secondary sources, go to the above website,
then click on 'Other Aufrichtigs' and then on Boskovice Registers and
Records'. Besides the Registers/Matrikeln you will find other sources. It
should be pointed out that it required 'painstaking' time consuming work
going through the secondary handwritten sources.

With regard to the secondary sources my brother and I would welcome
assistance comments/correction on our translations of titles as follows:

Die Rekrutverzeichnisse Boskovice 1870-1901 - The Army recruitment lists
relating to Boskovice 1870-1901.

Einzahllungsstabelle der Judensteuer fur den Jahr 1847,1844,1841 - Receipts
tables of the Jewish Tax for the years etc'

Hauserverzeichnis in der Judenstadt Boskovice - House tables of the Jewish
Town (Ghetto) of Boskovice'

Die Steuer von Familiaten, IKG Boskovice - 'The ?? tax of the Jewish
Community of Boskovice.

Tabellarprotokol uber Hauserbesitzer und Zinzen Boskovice - Boskovice record
tables of house owners and interest??

Volkszahlungen - National Censuses

Charlie Roberts ne Aufrichtig (London,England)

Researching AUFRICHTIG Boskovice, Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, Vienna,
Austria, Europe, Worldwide
WODAK Brumovice, HUSSERL/HAUSLER Boskovice, HUBER Damborice, SCHULER
Brumovice, LOKSCHAN Boskovice

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