MERLIN family #belarus

Laura Reed <ltreed2000@...>

Still trying to connect several branches of the Merlin
family >from various parts of Belarus.  My great
grandmother was Mary Merlin from, we think, the shetl
of Zaverezhye.  She settled in Chicago with her sister
Rachel, and Rachel's husband Phillip (also a Merlin,
probably a cousin).  Most of Phillip's siblings
settled in Sioux City, Iowa (Isadore, Dave, Bessie)
and one sister in NYC (perhaps Celia).
There was a large contingent of Merlins in Atlanta,
Georgia, originally >from Dubrovna.  Another group in
Massachussets (married to Talalay, according to
Schelly Dardashti).
Since Merlin is such an uncommon name, I am sure these
groups are connected, but have no solid evidence.  Any
Merlins out there who might know?
Laura Tower Reed
Belmont, California
MERLIN -- Zaverezhye, Mogilev, Mogilev
MERLIN -- Vorotinschtina, Mogilev, Mogilev
DUSAVITSKY/DUSHOFF -- Zaverezhye?, Mogilev, Mogilev
BAKSHY -- Kerch, Ukraine

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