Re: Photographs on Certificates of Naturalization #general


Dean Alan & other genners,

While I cannot attest to the first issuance of a
Certificate of Naturalization including a photograph,
I can offer the information >from those of my

My grandfather was naturalized in Brooklyn, New York
on May 24, 1927. We have the original Certificate of
Citizenship however the photograph was lost. One can
see the glue residue where the photo once was. My
grandmother was naturalized in Brooklyn, New York on
July 30, 1929. On her original Certificate of
Citizenship the photograph is still affixed.

I look forward to postings regarding the earliest
known Certificates with photographs.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
Researching relative to this posting:
WINDWER and variants - Kolomyya and vicinity in
RUBINGER - Putila, Czernowitz, Vatra Dorna in Bukovina
Alan Steinfeld <> writes:

I have seen photographs of the individual on
certificates of naturalization >from the 1950s. Does
anyone know when photographs began to be attached to
these documents? Is it likely that a certificate
issued in the 1920s would have a photograph attached?

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