Re: [litvaksig] Trying to Locate border town across from Kubat - Success #general

meir yohanah

Dear Members,

Thanks to all those who replied. The general
consensus was that this town was Kibart Lithuania
which did have a school in Eydtkuhnen across the
border in the German ruled Prussia. And now from
reading about it, all the rest of my families notes
relating to there stay at this location all match
to every detail. Thank you everyone for your replies.
The notes were originally given in broken English and
Yiddish so it would have been easy to write down Kubat
for Kibart. And in one place Godonya for Kedainiai.

Meir Yohanah

--- meir yohanah <> wrote:

In my families notes >from Lithuania it says that at
some point they moved >from their farm to a location
near the German Border. It says they crossed a border
bridge (every day) with guards on both sides to attend
a school in Germany. And they were searched on the way
back for German goods. They noted there was a male and
female guard. It also said that they thought the name
of the town on the German side was Kubat.

We believe the farm was near Surviliskis, Triskove or
Krekenava. >from the farm, we know they moved to
Kedainiai for a long time, then to Kovno. I am not
sure where the German border was in relation to these
parts of Lithuania between 1882-1902. I didn't think
it touched Lithuania at all.

Does anyone know of a location like this?

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