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I have the original citizenship papers for both of my parents.

My father became a US citizen on September 17, 1931. His document is
a "Certificate of Citizenship" issued by the Southern District Court
of NY.

My mother became a citizen on July 13, 1943. Her document is a
"Certificate of Naturalization" issued by the Eastern District
Court of NY.

Each of these documents has a photo attached and a signature
of the new citizen at the bottom of the photo.

Perhaps the difference between the two different certificate
headings deals with the location of the District Court involved
or the decade in which they were issued. My father's certificate
says "Department of Labor" on the bottom and my mother's certificate
says "Department of Justice" on the bottom.

Sylvia Gordon
New York

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I have read the JewishGen responses to this initial
query as well as receiving a few privately. I see a
variation in the forms we are each reviewing.

Could someone explain the difference between the
Certificate of Naturalization and the Certificate of
Citizenship? Perhaps the likelyhood of a photograph
was determined, in part, by which document one

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