Re: 1901 military passport #general

Nick <tulse04-news@...>

I have a copy of an old military passport of my grandfather's >from 1901,
which states he was posted in Lemberg, Austria, today it is Lviv, Ukraine.
Does anyone know what army this was? Is it mentioned in a book somewhere?
I'm not even sure where to start looking. Thank you for any help.

Katie Sobol
I think that this would probably be Austria-Hungary ie the
Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

Nick Landau
COHNREICH (Anklam, Germany Krajenka, Poland) ATLAS (Wielkie Oczy (near
Lvov/Lemberg), Poland)
WECHSLER(Schwabach, Germany) KOHN (Wallerstein and Kleinerdlingen,Germany)
LANDAU/FREDKIN(Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus)

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