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Nick <tulse04-news@...>

I too have often wondered where the fried gefilte fish cooked by my
grandmother originated. Dora Kraft Waltman, my father's mother, was born in
Zhabokrich, Ukraine which was a small shtetl in south-western Ukraine, near
what is now the Moldavian border. I had always assumed that her recipe,
which my mother and I now cook on all family occasions, was devised either
by her mother (or earlier) or by my grandmother herself. I have never met
anyone else in Canada (or relatives in the U.S.A.) who have ever heard of
such a recipe. What was different about my family recipe is that my
grandmother first fried a gefilte fish patty very lightly (the same mixture
as used for boiled gefilte fish) and then baked it.
I have just been to Vilnius in Lithuania. Whilst there I went to a mall
outside Vilnius. In the "cafeteria" where everyone was eating there were
lots of familiar looking items. I obviously don't read Lithuanian and barely
understand Russian. But the items that were being fried seemed remarkably
familiar - either like blintzes, blinys or latkes. I bought what I thought
was a latke but turned out to contain some meat - I don't eat non-kosher

My family don't derive >from Lithuania but I don't think anything you
describe would have seemed at all strange to the burghers of Vilnius.

Nick Landau

London, UK

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