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Vernon Kronenberg <vkronenb@...>


These are the reference numbers that you would use to ask for a copy of the
relevant documents to be sent to you.

Specifically, they are the case file series >from 1930 onwards >from the State
of Victoria for the federal Department of Immigration, totalling 3253
metres, so some of the other numbers may help the experts to narrow down
their search, should you go ahead and ask.

As some of the documents have not yet been security-cleared, a request may
take an extra 30 days or so to process - a detail I mention so that you
should not schvitz while waiting for delivery.

Vernon Kronenberg vkronenb at pcug dot org dot au
Member, AJGS and RAOGK;
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<> wrote
The other day, a genner gave the following web site for searching governmental
records in Australia.

I entered the name PICKHOLZ, and it came up with a Jerzy PICKHOLZ. I then
went and clicked on more details. This page gave me a lot of reference numbers,
that mean nothing to me. Before I try to get copies of these records, could
someone tell me what I found?


Stephen Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ
searching-- PICKHOLTZ (all spellings), WINITSKY (all spellings) and KLEIN/KLINE
(of the Phila. JCC family)

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