Re: Meaning of Name FRIEDMAN #general

Avrohom Krauss <krauss@...>

I believe this confusion stems >from the meaning of "Fried" in
German/Yiddish. In Yiddish, "freid' or "freed" means "happy" (eg. tzu
frieden). ("Free man" could be a translation had this name originated as
English name, which it did not). However, if I am not mistaken, in Old
German, "freed" means "peace," and that is said to be the meaning for

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

Researching FRIEDMAN (FRYDMAN,FRIDMAN) of Korosten and Zitomir in Ukraine.I
havemaintained that our family name of FRIEDMAN translates to "man of peace".
Others say it means "freed man " or "free man".I would appreciate some
elucidation in this matter. Thank you.
Elmer Friedman

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