Fw: Loking for my family #general

arie meir

hi to all of you

It's already more than ten years that I'm looking for my family who
disappeared in world war 2

Here are the details: My grand father Chaim GLASER >from Przemysl Poland his
daughter Debora (Dora) born in 1927. His wife who passed away( as I was told)
before the war was Rachla (maiden name STOLZBERG). They got married in 1926.

Chaim Glaser was married in Vienna to Helena Glaser and had three children
Cilli, Herman, David. He got divorced in the early twenties And moved to
Przemysl where he got married again.

The last time my late mother heard >from them was in 1939.

Enclosed is viewmate of my grandfathe uf some one of the readers have any
information of him or his daughter dvora please contact me. The viewmat is VM5425

Arieh Mayer
P.S. my email is meir1935@netvision.net.il

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