Re: Jovita BECKER KAUFMAN - Argentine cemetery translation #general

Carlos Glikson

Steven Chall wrote in relation to the following Argentine cemetery

Manzana 16
Tablon 803
Sepultura 4
Parte Vieja
Feche 16/12/56
Cemetery Tablada
Steven mentions that the translation of the individual words confuses him.

Manzana, tablon, and sepultura indicate the area or block, the row in that
area/ block, and the tomb in that row.

The cemetery at Tablada was expanded with additional land, and the old and
new parts are called Parte Vieja (old part) and Parte Nueva (new part). The
referred tomb is in the old part.

Feche is really fecha, and means date.(in day/ month/ year format).

Steven also asks if there is a way to find other KAUFMANs buried nearby but
does not mention where he obtained the data from. If it is the AMIA site,
checking KAUFMAN burial information in Tablada cemetery shows information
for tombs in the same "Manzana", including among other records data for
tombs at Manzana/ Tablon/ Sepultura (16 799 47), (16 823 48), and (16 801
2). The latter seems quite close to 16 803 4 - apparently, two rows and two
tombs away.

I have a plan with the "manzanas" location in Tablada cemetery, old part. If
one considers Manzana 16 the center of a group of 9 blocks, the group is
formed by "manzanas" 9, 10, 11; 15, 16, 17; and 21, 22, 23. Steve will also
find KAUFMAN burials in some of those Manzanas.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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