Re: Leaving Odessa... #general

Mervyn Doobov <mdoobov@...>

I would like to hear your thoughts about routes to the New World
(but including the UK) >from Odessa in the 1880s. Can we
generalize as to the most popular modes of transport >from Odessa
to a Baltic port? Thanks for your input, Carol Raspler, Delray
Beach, FL
If it's of interest, my grandmother's family moved >from Odessa to
Harbin and, thence, to a newer world (Australia). At the same time, my
mother's step-father, also >from Ukraine, travelled via Yokohama on his
way to the New World but, thankfully, changed his mind and headed
southwards >from there instead.

Mervyn Doobov,
Jerusalem, Israel.

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