Re: The word "Israelites" and "Old Believers." #belarus

Elina Smirnova <smirnova-elina@...>

Dear Naoumi

I can tell a lot about "Old Believers" (staroveri), but it is not a point of
this forum. "Staroveri" are orthodox christians by origin, appeared after
Nicon's reforms. We have to be very careful with different classifications,
especially when we speak about religious questions. What I have read about
"Israelites" makes me think, that this word was used in different meanings,
it depends where we met it. We are speaking about documents. Every word that
is written in the document is meaningful. There were "black israelites", and
there were "christian israelites" and there were "french israelites" ....
Different sects. Without any connection to russian "Old believers" If you
read something about that "israelites", you will understand, why it is
better to stop this discussion at the very beggining. I hope that in that
particular document the word meant just "jew"

Elina Smirnova

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