ROTH and GROSZ #general

David Grosz

I am hoping someone may have information that clarifies the link between the
families GROSZ and ROTH. My family name is GROSZ and if I go back to my
Great Grandmother, she was called Zseni (anglicised version is Jenny) ROTH.
She died around 1930. She married Solomon GROSZ who died around 1919. I
would guess at them coming >from an area around Szatmar (excuse my spelling)
in Hungary (Satu Mare when the area became part of Romania. Does anyone
know anything of Zseni's siblings or her parents as I have nothing on the
ROTH family?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Best Regards,
David Grosz
Sydney, Australia

The JewishGen Family Finder lists a number of researchers working on Roth >from
Satu Mare and a number of researchers working on various spellings of Grosz >from
Satu Mare.
Go to < >, choose the D-M Soundex search type
and click "Search".
Then you should contact these researchers to see if their research
links to yours.

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