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Benveniste/Epstein connection
Martin Epstein asked:
Does anyone know of a connection between a Sephardic family named Benveniste
and the Epstein family . . .?
(I'm replying to this forum rather than to Martin directly as there are
others with his last name who may benefit >from this piece of historical
Yes, but it is more than a mere local connection. Escaping the Inquisition,
a branch of the Benvenistes went to a particular community in a region that
is now part of Germany; there, they eventually changed their name to
Epstein. (I don't recall many of the fascinating details, but I'll be happy
to notify you if I encounter the historical source again.) There is evidence
that virtually all Epsteins are descended >from this one family and, thus,
are related to one another. To this day, there is a periodic large Epstein
family reunion attended by descendants >from all over.
Zara Calvente-Chazanoff, Jerusalem

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