Re: Marriage In Leeds circa 1890 #general

Harry Dodsworth <af877@...>

Steve Morgan ( wrote about problems in finding
the marriage of his g-grandparents, Isaac and Rebecca Levi, parents of
his grandmother Golde Levy Morgan, born 2.24.1890 in Leeds.

Anyone researching BMDs in Leeds should check the Yorkshire BMD site,
This is a transcription >from the Leeds Registrar's index. Not all years
are covered but the site explains the coverage by event.
Marriage entries are particularly useful as they give the names of both
bride and groom together, and the synagogue used.

The index shows two Goldy [sp] Levis born in Leeds 1890.
YorkshireBMD does not give the quarter. FreeBMD lists one in the June
Quarter and one in the September quarter. I would have expected a
birth on 2.24.1890 to be registered in the March Quarter.
Unfortunately even the YorkshireBMD site doesn't record a marriage
between Isaac and Rebecca Levi.
The 1891 census should give the place of birth if they were born in
England (only the country if born abroad).
The birth certificate for Goldy Levi will give the mother's maiden name.

Harry Dodsworth Ottawa Ontario Canada

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