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Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

On the subject of Litvaks and Galitzieners:

In my family the story is told that when my mother informed her parents
(father born in Novyy Swerzhen') that she was marrying my father (1943), he
mother (American born) was dismayed at a Litvak female marrying a
Galitziener. It was considered marrying down in class - intelligence, etc.
In a short time, my father became my grandmother's favorite son-in-law. She
passed away in twenty-five years ago, but my parents will be married 60
years next October.

Another comment - My parents are both American born and educated. In the
past ten years they have begun to speak Yiddish to eachother once in a
while. I asked them how come they hardly ever did that when I was a kid and
they responded that they did not understand each other's dialects of Yiddish
well enough to conduct a conversation.

So, is this differentiation not only a geographic distinction, but a social
and class distinction? I have often wondered.

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