Looking for Mr. Leo SILVER of Flushing, NY #general


Dear Genners,

My paternal g-father, Zelek GRYC, had four sisters; all of them were
born in Plonsk, Poland. Yesterday I learned >from an uncle that they
moved to Leipzig and married there. I have no idea regarding the
whereabouts of their families, but I got >from my uncle a greeting card
sent in August of 2002 by one of my father's cousins. On the envelope
there is a sticker with his name and address, Mr. Leo SILVER from
Flushing, NY 11355. I tried without success to find his telephone number
through the international directory, there is no Leo SILVER in Flushing.
There are a couple "Leos" and a few "Leonards" in NY, but none of those
that I reached by phone were the right one. I will appreciate very much
any help/guidance on how to contact Mr. Leo SILVER that in 2002 lived in

Best regards
Silvio GRYC

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