Assimilating and Fabricating Immigrants #general

Stephanie Weiner <laguna@...>

Dear Rebecca and group,

I am curious how many others out there have had this experience of “finding
out” a relative who claimed they were >from someplace other than they really

That certainly rings a bell for me. My mother's oldest sister (there
were 9 children), and her oldest brother, were both born in Europe
before my grandparents emigrated to America. In the 1900 census, when
she was 6 years old, my aunt's birthplace was listed as "Austria." In
the 1920 census, however, she is listed as being born in "Massachusetts."

Shortly before her death, my mother confirmed this -- telling me it was a
***Great Secret***! The woman's own son had not a clue that his mother had
been born in Europe. The children of the oldest brother (who was younger
than the oldest sister) -- also born in Europe -- always knew that their
father had not been born in the U.S. But nobody compared notes on this
data until I became interested in genealogy.

I'm sure other similar stories will emerge, thanks to Rebecca's inquiry.

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA

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