Play on names, Searching ?ICKLER, ?ICHLER, ?ISLER #belarus

Rachelle <rlberliner@...>

This may be a longshot for the JACOBS family search for the original
surname. However, it also may bring some answers. I would appreciate your
thoughts on this. Please answer me privately.

Since our English cousin was unsure of the original surname of our
grandfather, I am curious whether or not Ellis Island or any departure port
could have also been unsure of spelling. For example: Any letter preceding
the "I" in ICKLER/ICHLER/or ISLER would have changed the name completely. I
have searched both FTJP and JGFF, using the D-M soundex.

An "A" or "E" would still make the same sound. However, any consonant (or 2
together, such as St, Sp, etc.) could drastically change the name. If family
came >from Poland, Przasnysz, Posen, Prussia, or anywhere directly to the
U.S. without first living in the UK for awhile, they would not have known to
search their family in the U.S. with our JACOBS name and today, we would not
know how to search for them. Since the family was Orthodox, I assume that
New York and/or Baltimore would be their residence of choice.

Thank you in advance for giving your time and thoughts to this.


Rachelle Leaf Berliner

Savannah, GA

Searching Joseph Judah & Golda Rachel (or Rachel Golda) JACOBS Family

to London, England to Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA. Families of:: Max
HELLMAN, Simon LEVY, Hyman COHEN, Sam & Raymond,FINE, Aaron KAHANOW, Sam

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