Uzlany/Mt.Skrill/Skriloff Circle #belarus

Deborah Fox <debfox@...>

I am researching Uzlany (Uzlian, Uzlyany, Yuslan) south of Minsk. I have
traced the FOX/FUCHS and SKRILOFF families there to the 1700's. Family
stories claim that a SKRILOFF ancestor was a draft dodger >from another area
and needed a new name. He named himself Skriloff, after Mount Skrill, which
was nearby. I cannot find a Mount Skrill anywhere near Minsk, or in nearby
Poland, Russia, etc. I am also looking for a group called the Skriloff
Circle, members of that family who used to meet in NYC. I have heard that
they still meet occasionally.
Deborah Fox
Brigantine, NJ

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