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Subject: myfamily.com on line courses & ancestry.com database
From: harmatz@kfar-hanassi.org.il

How helpful are the on-line courses listed in myfamily.com? When enrolled
in the course one is given access to the immigration and census databases in
ancestry.com. Are these databases just on-line indices or can actual records
be accessed? I live in Israel and have no chance of getting to the U.S. to
view census and immigration databases personally. Are the ancestry.com
databases a viable alternative? If not is there an alternative?

John Harmatz
Kefar Hanassi

Slodky - Wysokie Mazowiela, Jablonka, Sokoly Wolkson/Miak - Riga, Scotland
Zellenkov/Selenkow - Boguslav, Philadelphia Garmatz/Harmatz -
Philadelphia, Baltimore Kurtzman/Terner - Kovno Nymark - Poland, London
Kon/Cohen/Kohn - Zambrow, Baltimore

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