Polish Geography Question #general

Devin and Julia Van Zandt (Home) <sonar230@...>

Hello, I received a death certificate today which is a rather horrible
copy (but I am so grateful to have it). For place of birth the
certificate reads quite clearly, "City and State of S-(illegible
scribble), Poland." It definitely starts with an S, and it might be
Suvalki but I can't be certain. Can any of you who know Polish historical
geography better than me (that's all of you, actually) come up with any
OTHER gubernia or provinces that started with the letter S and contained a
city of the same name? This person was born around 1850. Her parents
last names were (again, awful copy) Veberman, or maybe Zeberman, and
Selay, or maybe Selaz. I don't see those names in Suwalki, so am
wondering if I'm looking in the wrong place.

Thank you very much, Julia VZ

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