EIDB occupations #general

marlene finkelstein

I think that I have located the person that I am looking for on a 1911 ship
manifest on the EIDB but am puzzled as to why his occupation was listed as a
joiner (previously explained by the Jewishgen group to be a tinsmith or a
carpenter). Most of the other info on the manifest seems to be correct. I
know that the person that I am seeking was >from a family that raised cattle
& farmed in Volhynia Gubernia and that he became a produce dealer here in
the United States. Have others found a lack of correlation between the
manifest information and " reality"? Perhaps a joiner was more desirable
immigrant than a farmer arriving in NYC??

Much thanks for your advice.

Marlene Finkelstein
New Jersey, USA

Gub., Ukraine)
BLOCH, SCHUPAK , WEISS ( Kursenai and Papile, Lithuania)

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