Re: 1950s Brooklyn, NY Phone Directory Information #general

Adelle <adNOstavis@...>

"Gay Lynne Kegan" <glynne@...> wrote

I have a Brooklyn, New York phone number for Anna MITELBERG >from the 1950s,
which begins with the exchange "EV". If you are familiar with how to locate an
address or any other information, I would appreciate hearing >from you.

Abe Rosenthal
aberosenthal7@... ---
Sender: Gay Lynne Kegan <glynne@...>
NYC Phone numbers used to begin with words (denoting a neighborhood). EV stood for
Evergreen (#'s 3 and 8 ). My grandmother's # began the same way. She lived in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn >from the '20's all the way to her passing in '86.

Adelle Stavis

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