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There have been many posts about SSN applications. The archives may
help you find other information.

For $27 you can get a photo copy of the original application. Go for
the application and not the other option, the name of which
eludes me, even though it is $2 cheaper. There are places for date of
birth, place of birth, parent's names and mother's maiden name. There
is nothing on immigration data. There is also information on address
and place of employment.

However, applications were not necessarily filled out completely or
correctly. On my maternal mother's parent's applications
I did get their mother's (my GGM's) maiden names, as well as the 'exact'
(on the assumption that they are correct) town of birth,
and birthdate. On my father's father's application, I got less
information. >from the handwriting, and the fact that my GF barely
spoke English, I am certain that my late aunt filled out the form, and
had my GF sign it. The signature matches my GF's signature on his
petition for citizenship. It has unknown for my GGM's maiden name, and
a birthdate that is different than that which appears on my GF's
petition for citizenship.

To order an application, go back to the website that you used to find
the Soc Sec #. There is a link to download and print a letter
requesting the original application. The address to send the request
to, in Baltimore, I believe, is on the top of the letter.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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I have a few relatives for whom I've found Social Security Numbers >from SS Death
Records. But I haven't found any use for these SSNs. How can I use SSNs to
advance to other information, such as place of birth and parent names and
immigration data and so on?

Micah Salb
Washington, D.C.

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