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Ken Meyerson <br0nxl1ng@...>

Hello, Micah

SSDI records can be a rich source of information in the areas that you
described. JG has an excellent info file on this topic, and here is the

For the single-surname project I am working on, SSDI data has proved
invaluable in filling in many missing pieces, and in my view is well
worth pursuing. I wish you the best in your research efforts.

My Best,
Ken Meyerson

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Subject: Gen 101: What to do with SSNs?
From: "S. Micah Salb" <msalb@...>

I have a few relatives for whom I've found Social Security Numbers from
SS Death Records. But I haven't found any use for these SSNs. How can I use
SSNs to advance to other information, such as place of birth and parent names
and immigration data and so on?

Micah Salb
Washington, D.C.

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