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At 11:55 PM 12/13/2003 , Zara Calvente-Chazanoff wrote:

Benveniste/Epstein connection
Martin Epstein asked:
Does anyone know of a connection between a Sephardic family named Benveniste
and the Epstein family . . .?
(I'm replying to this forum rather than to Martin directly as there are
others with his last name who may benefit >from this piece of historical
Yes, but it is more than a mere local connection. Escaping the Inquisition,

Very unlikely. While the Inquisition started in Spain around 1478, The
Eppsteins showed up in Frankfurt AM almost a century earlier.

a branch of the Benvenistes went to a particular community in a region that
is now part of Germany; there, they eventually changed their name to
Epstein. (I don't recall many of the fascinating details, but I'll be happy
to notify you if I encounter the historical source again.)

There are no known historical sources for the migration >from Spain in to
Germany. The earliest known source is Gvurot He'ari by Efrayim Mordechai
Epstein (second edition in 1888) who bases his vague claims on
hearsay. The Torah Tmimah (R. Baruch Halevi Epstein) probably relied on
Gvurot He'ari.

There is evidence
What evidence?

that virtually all Epsteins are descended >from this one family and, thus,
are related to one another. To this day, there is a periodic large Epstein
family reunion attended by descendants >from all over.
Very interesting. Please let me know more. I know about the Horowitz reunion.

Zara Calvente-Chazanoff, Jerusalem

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY

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