The "Gefilte Fish line" dividing Litvaks & Galicianers #belarus

Rachelle <rlberliner@...>

On Google, I found this link that opens the site and tells the story. I
entered "Michael Steinlauf and gefilte fish" and clicked on "This is no fish
tale: Gefilte tastes tell story of ancestry ( ...
You will note the url is exactly the same.

The moderator could not log onto the link posted, copied below, even though
as you can see, the address posted is identical to the one on
Copying and pasting did give me an error message also.

It's a great story and I hope the info above will help those who want to
read it.

A note of interest: My mom was the JACOBS family >from Posen/Przasnysz we
believe and never made it sweet. My dad was the LEAF/LIEBERMAN family from
Swislowitz, Russia (now Swisloch, Belarus) and never requested sweet gefilte
fish, but loved it fried like salmon croquets. The latter was probably my
mom's "creation".

Rachelle Berliner
Savannah, GA

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