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I would be very pleased if someone has any information that would enable us to
trace these people or their descendants. A specific interest at present is in
connection with the unveiling of a memorial to members of the family who were
deported >from Vienna.

The details of the family, with the rather meagre and possibly incorrect
information that we currently have, are:

Dr Siegfried SCHICK, lawyer, was born on 17 Feb 1865 in Neubidschow in Bohemia. He
was deported >from Wien 9, Berggasse 25/28 to Riga on 4 Dec 1941.)
He was married on 6 Mar 1898 in Vienna to Thekla JERUSALEM (born 11 Apr 1875 in
Drenice, Bohemia & died 29 Dec 1929 in Vienna. She was originally buried in
Doebling Cemetery, Vienna).

They had two daughters:
Anna, who seemed to be known as Mizzi, SCHICK was born 12 Oct 1900 in Vienna. It
is thought that she perished in the Holocaust though her name has not yet been
found in any records. There is a possibility that she went >from Vienna to
Yugoslavia just before WW2, or maybe in 1940/41. If so she might have been placed
in a Concentration Camp there. [ Maybe someone knows of documentation relating to
Jews in Yugoslavia]It is believed that she was married three times. The first
marriage was before 1930 to Alois or Julius BAUER. The second was on 28 Oct 1930
to Alois JAROSCH (born 4 Oct 1892 in Schönau). They were divorced around June
1939. The Third marriage was to FUCHS around 1941, place unknown. Anna (Mizzi) had
one daughter: Eva JAROSCH who was born on 25 Apr 1931. She was sent >from Vienna to
the Netherlands on 20 Feb 1939. It is believed that she was then sent on a
Kindertranport to England, and was married there. Her name at one time was Eva
PARKER, but that might not be her current surname. Perhaps someone has access to a
list of children on such transports and can identify her >from that.

The other daughter was Auguste (Gusti) SCHICK, born 05 May 1904 in Vienna. She was
married to Heinz (Heinrich) HUESCHER in Vienna. They managed to emigrate to the
US, and possibly lived in the San Francisco area. After Heinz's death, Auguste may
have remarried.

I look forward to hearing >from anyone who has any clues, ideas or concrete

Thank you

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England
Website with information on Bohemian families:ADLER (Amschelberg), EISNER
(Amschelberg & Kolin), FUERTH (Amschelberg), JERUSALEM, BEYKOVSKY, THORSCH,

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