Re: California death certificates #general

Ted Gostin

Mimi Katz asked about the contents of California death certificates in
1946, and specifically whether they would include the place of birth of
the decedent's parents.

California death certificates will generally contain the names and
birthplaces of parents >from 1905 forward. The content of the
certificates varied >from year to year, as the state changed its
requirements periodically.

In 1946, California death certificates contained the following
information: full name, place of death (including length of residence),
decedent's usual address, military service, Social Security #, sex,
race, marital status, spouse's name & age, birth date of decedent,
age, birthplace, occupation & type of business, parents' names and
birthplaces, informant, date & place of burial, funeral director, date &
time of death, causes of death & contributary factors, doctor's dates of
treatment & date last seen alive, name & address of doctor, &
information regarding injury or suicide, etc.

Ted Gostin
Los Angeles, CA

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