Info from foreign countries. #general

Joseph Fibel <JFibel@...>

Dear JG'er's.

Several recent postings have requested help in finding information in
foreign countries.

Since there are fellow Jewish genealogical researchers in almost every
foreign country, there are also Jewish Genealogical Societies in these
countries. Since most of them are members of the International
Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, their addresses are listed
on the site of the IAJGS, which I have mentioned previously and which is Click on the square marked Members. The member
societies are listed by Country and then cities. The street addresses
are given as well as e-mail address for the president as well as come
other members.

You can send your questions about anything and if they don't have the
answer they'll certainly be able to direct you to someone who does.
About a year ago, I needed the addresses of Rosenwaxes in Melbourne,
Australia and e-mailed the Melbourne chapter of the Australian JGS and
they put me on the White Pages for Melbourne through which I found a
remote cousin who had a family chart which included my wife's paternal
greatgrand parents and which ttook us back to 1772.

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