Military service in Russia? #general

Elsebeth Paikin <jgsdk_ep@...>

Does anyone have a suggestion for where to find the rules
and regulations for the military service of Jews in Russia.
We all hear about the 25 years .... but I know of one emigre
who had served 7 years and were then free to settle whereever
he wanted and also to travel out of the country....

I would like to know the years of the laws passed with regards
to this topic.

I have tried to find the information in Dubnow: "History of the Jews
in Poland and Russia", but besides the first law in the 1820ies
I can't find any mention of the later reduction of years of service.
Can anyone help?

Thanking you in advance

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's SCANDINAVIA SIG

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