Deciphering places; Matzva Confusion and Av Beit Din of Checiny #general

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

Dear Group ~

Before I proceed with my questions I want to take a moment to give a very
warm thanks to all of you who have responded to my preious querys; the time
you have spend to help with translations and make suggestions and provide
guidance had been phenomenal; very hepful and incredible appreciated. In
many cases you have been the reasons that my research has progressed and I
am truly greatful.
That being said I hope the following requests will be of a much easier caliber.

1)A Russian govt document >from the late 1800s was translated for me with the
following information:

Keletskoy Gubernia; Sipushey or Onpushsky uezed and city of Oipusha or
The closest I could come was Opoczna in Kielce.
Does that make sense or am I missing semething?

2)I have a postcard written by my ggg grandfather in which he signs it "son
of the Gaon HaTzaddik SheHaya Av Beis Din Checiny" which means "son of the
Chief Rabinic Judge of Checiny". Is anyone aware as to how I might be able
to trace who this Chief Rabbi might be? He lived >from the late 1700s to
sometime in the 1800s (dates unsure).

I anyone familiar with a book called "Slownik Historii Kielckich Zydow"
writtten by Krzysztof Urbanski and Rafal Blumenfeld? It has been suggested
that I might find some answers in this book and I'm wondering if anyone
might have it in his posession or have a suggestion as to where to locate

3) The matzva of this Rabbi's granddaughter reads: Leah bat shin shin
R'Israel Icyk grandson of the genius Rabbi shin shin R'Shimon haTzaddek.
Any suggestions as to the meaning of the "shin shins"?

Thank you, as always for your time and help.

Best regards,
Linda Silverman Shefler

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