YUDLEVITZ - Mystery Town Leton, Russia #general

Jeff Miller

A big thank you to those who responded to my posting about the mystery town Leton,
Russia. I am confident that the suggestion that Leton, Russia is likely Lita or
Litau, meaning the country Lithuania rather than any particular town, is the
correct interpretation. Based on naturalization papers which I have, which I view
as a primary document, I conclude that Yane YUDLEVITZ was likely a brother of my
grandfather, Avrum Yitzhak YUDELOWITZ, originally >from Panevezys.

My challenge now is to find Yane YUDLEVITZ' descendants. I know in the US the
family first lived in New Jersey, but relocated early on in the 1900s to the Los
Angeles area.

Other names of related family members include Etta GORE (the name FORER is also
listed as her mother's maiden name). She was born in 1898 and died in Los Angeles
in 1985. Also Edith YUDLEVITZ, born 1900 or 1901, died in San Bernardino in 1970.
Irving (Isidore) YUDLEVITZ born 1905, died in Los Angeles in 1987. Also Sophia
born 1902.

If anyone has any information or recommendations, please contact me privately.

Jeff Miller

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